I mean… what’s not to like? She’s so adorable! This is my favorite photo, well not only because she is so adorable but also because how special she is to me.



The deliberate thing I did to effect social change is to use public transportation, and I am not even conscious about it, that these simple things we do can effect social change.  I use public transportation because I don’t have my own car just yet, though I can use our car, I choose not to, I just think that car should be in the house just in case we have an emergency. But yes! thinking about it, using public transportation if you can is really a good thing, minimize the use of gas emission from cars and also can minimize traffic.



We’ve heard hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings, aaaand here is another one. But this one have a good quality video unlike most of the video recordings i’ve seen. ALIENS! or maybe just a weather balloon? I don’t even know anymore, in this world where we can manipulate every video and images especially on the internet, we will never know. But one thing is for sure it is a UFO.

Here is the link




This is the last movie i’ve seen for the past month. The setting is in San Fransokyo which is so funny and interesting! We all need a Baymax, a robot that will protect and take care of us, i’m being such a fanboy right now! This movie brought me back to my childhood! 10/10 would watch again.

World of a 9 year old

I asked my nephew to answer these questions and this is what I’ve got.

1.What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?

-The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is when I went to Florida and looked at the sunset. The sun looked orange and yellow with a little red and it looked amazing. The sun also looked a little wavy to me.

2. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever experienced?

-The most beautiful thing I have ever experienced is when I tried out riding an airplane when I was 2 years old. When I got inside, I was scared of getting dizzy and getting thrown around. In the end, the arcade games on the seats kept me fine and I liked riding airplanes in the end.

3. What is their favorite memory or story about you?

-My favorite story about him is that when he came to America, I used to ask him what his middle name was. He would tell me “Secret” and when he finally told me, I would forget in a week. Now that I remember it easier, I don’t need to ask him anymore… I forgot again.

The presentation is not as bad as I imagined, not that good but at least I did it. I forgot most of the things I wrote and practice, I was nervous. Next time I need to relax, and remember all the things I practiced. In the good side, the visuals in my presentation I think is the most successful part of my presentation.

copy of my presentation 5minutesPresentation

Save us

save us
Well I was on my way to school when I saw this and caught my eyes. Someone wrote “save us” on the snow in the bus stop and surrounded with scattered wastes. Isn’t it ironic? But thoughts pop up on my mind after this. It’s like a message from above that we need to have more discipline in ourselves in order to save us and in order to save our world. We need to have a proper waste disposal and we need to make use of the recyclable things in order to lessen wastes and in order to save our this crazy fun world we are living in. That’s too deep I think, someone probably wrote this because of the bitter cold and the bus was late.